Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Haypi Kingdom?
Haypi Kingdom is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Haypi Kingdom features a glorious hero life in middle ages where you act as a kingdom general, directing state affairs, leading your kingdom from scratch to prosperity. You may boost resources production, attack rival players, form alliances, and achieve noble title, etc. Raise your prestige and expand your city, make yourself a great person in the heroic time.


 How to start

Q: New in Haypi Kingdom and don't know how to start?
There are multiple ways for you to get help to start. Any of them works.
1. Go to "help" to read "Basic Operations".
2. Go to "task" to do the tasks one by one. When it is completed, click "Reward" to collect your rewards.
3. Go to our website to read Tutorial and get around for other important tips.
4. Go to "Chat" to ask for help from other players who may answer your questions at once.
5. Write emails to us at

Q: I did a lot of tasks and don't get the rewards, why?
Check your warehouse to make sure your warehouse has sufficient capacity so that the rewards won't get lost. If it does not, upgrade it first. Then go to "task", click on a completed one, and then click "Reward" to collect your rewards.

Q: Why does it keep telling me I can't attack players in beginning protection? What's beginner's protection period?
A: Every player enjoys a beginner's protection period when they first come to Haypi kingdom. During this peaceful time, you won't be attacked or able to attack other players. Draw upon the opportunity to develop your city as the protection will expire in 7 days or when your general title reaches 3rd Baron.


Q: What are functions of the four resources of crop, wood, iron, and stone?
A: These resources are produced by resource fields of cropland, lumber mill, iron mine, and stone mine. They are fundamental for kingdom's development, supporting all constructions in a city.

Q: How do I upgrade?
Click a building you wish to upgrade and click the "Upgrade" button. Upgrading takes time, you may do other tasks while you are waiting.

Q: How do I upgrade crop?
Click "Cropland" and click the "Upgrade" button. The higher level your cropland is, the more output it produces per hour.

Q: How do I get more resources?
Resources can be gained in these ways:
1. Upgrade resource fields for higher output of crop, wood, iron, and stone;
2. Upgrade tech of woodcutting, digging, smelting, and planting techs to increase resources production;
3. Hunt for resources;
4. Occupy oases or fortified points for extra resources;
5. Attack other players to raid their resources;
6. Trade with other players in marketplace for resources;
And more for you to explore.

Q: How can I increase the manpower?
A: Upgrading Main Building increases you manpower. The higher level Main Building is the faster the manpower increases.

Q: How do I build my second city?
Click "map" to choose an empty field to "Enter" and "Create City". There are requirements for general rank and resources amount.


Q: How can I protect my resources from raiding by enemies?
Cranny protects resources from raiding in wars. The higher level a cranny is the more amount of resources can be protected, so you need upgrade your cranny constantly.

Q: What if the produced resources exceed the storage limit of the warehouse ?
The part which exceeds warehouse storage limit will be lost, so you have to constantly upgrade the warehouse.

Q: I upgraded the main building but I can't build anyone?
A: To build people you need more resources. Upgrade Cropland, Stone Mine, Iron Mine, and Lumber Mill to keep your resources growing fast.

Q: How can I upgrade the upgrade slot?
A: Ordinary players have two working upgrade slots for buildings and techs separately, that is, you may upgrade two buildings and two techs at one time. If you wish to upgrade the upgrade slot you may upgrade to VIP who has three upgrade slots for buildings and techs separately.


Q: What are the benefits of being in an alliance?
In order to develop in a solid and stable way, you need to create or join an alliance for support. Alliance can gather its members together to do tasks like attack a big power which may be impossible for a single player. Alliance members may discuss strategy in private group. Please note that players in a same alliance can not attack each other.

Q: How do I join an alliance?
Go to "alliance" to see "Alliance List" and then choose one to "Ask to Join". You may of course "Create Alliance" by yourself.

Q: I have sent a request to join an alliance. What do I do now?
Just wait until you get approved by the alliance leader.


Q: Why can't I train any soldiers?
Training troops costs resources and manpower. Make sure that you have enough resources. Barracks is the place where you train troops. The higher level your Barracks is, the faster the troops can be trained.

Q: Can I cancel an upgrade or troops training?
A: Instructions of upgrade or troops training can't be cancelled once they are started.

Q: How do I hunt?
Go to "map" to choose a grid to "Enter". You'll have options of "Scout", "Occupy", and "Hunt". If you have trained soldiers, send them to hunt in oases. They may bring back money or treasures after a certain period. Enter "actions" to recall them.

This grid map is 600x600, coordinates ranging from [0, 0] to [600, 600]. All players are positioned somewhere in the map, so you may view your location and neighborhood in Haypi Kingdom. 

Each grid stands for a city, oasis, fortified point, or empty field. The number with a grid indicates its level.
Different colors marks different groups.
Your cities are marked with a green number. Your alliance member's cities are marked with a yellow number, and your enemy's cities are marked with a red number. 

Similarly, oases and fortified points that you have occupied are marked with green. Those occupied by your alliance members  are marked yellow and those occupied by your enemies are marked red.
Unoccupied oases and fortified points are marked white.

Empty field

Main City

Branch City

Fortified point

Oasis Wood

Oasis Stone

Oasis Iron

Oasis Crop

Q: How is harvest related to hunt?
A: The strategy may alter as we're always trying to improve the algorithm. However, these rules are consistently applicable:
1. The more troops you send to hunt and the faster the troops march, the better harvest you may get.
2. Theoretically, the longer you troops hunt, the better harvest you may get. If the troops hunt for over 8 hours, you may get extraordinary harvest.
3. The higher your fortune value is, the better harvest you may get.
4. If you hunt on an oasis which has just been hunted by another player, the possibility of harvest may be low. If you happen to hunt on an oasis which is untouched for long, the possibility of harvest may be high.

Q: How do I occupy?
Go to "map" to choose a grid to "Enter". You'll have options of "Scout", "Occupy", and "Hunt". If you have trained soldiers, send them to occupy oases or fortified points. They may bring back resources or money after a certain period. Enter "actions" to recall them.

Q: Does the level of an oasis change?
A: The level of an oasis changes on a regular basis. Occupied oases continuously degrade until level 0 while those oases unoccupied slowly gains their level.

 Tech Center

Q: What does the scouting result mean?
A: Scouting precision is related to your scouting level. The higher your scouting level is, the more precise your scouting result is.
"Several or a few" means that enemies number is between 0~9
"One or two dozen" means that enemies number is between 10~24
"Dozens" means that enemies number is between 25~49
"Scores" means that enemies number is between 50~99
"One or two hundred" means that enemies number is between 100~249
"Several hundred" means that enemies number is between 250~499
"Hundred" means that enemies number is between 500~999
"One or two thousand" means that enemies number is between 1000~2499
"Several thousand" means that enemies number is between 2500~4999
"Thousands" means that enemies number is between 5000~9999
"Over 100 hundred"  means that enemies number is between >=10000


Q: How does the general title upgrading mechanism work?
A: The general title is upgraded based on general's prestige and treasures. There are quite a few ways to gain general's prestige:
1. Production and construction experience;
2. Tech research, war experience;
3. Hunting and occupation experience;
4. War experience;
5. System awards.

Title upgrades will bring you:
1. Additional distributable attribute points and skill points;
2. Resources bonus;
3. Prestige bonus.

Q: How do I defend my cities?
A: Your city is automatically defended so long as you have troops, traps, or turrets ready in the city. Upon any attack your troops, traps, and turrets will fight back.

Q: In what way do I lose my city?
A: A main city can't be occupied while a branch city of low loyalty points may be occupied. Loyalty points automatically recovers at a regular pace. You may use coins to achieve an immediate recovery of loyalty points.

Q: How do the battles go on in the game?
A: Battles go on in a classic round mode, providing dynamic reports from battlefields. A battle starts upon the battlefield distance counting to the maximum shot range plus 300. Action sequence is arranged in terms of speed, the faster party acting first. If two parties are of the same speed, the defensive one acts first. If both parties are in the shot range, each offensive attack is to be counterattacked by the attacking party. The number of counterattack soldiers are counted according to that of the attacking soldiers. Troops attack any specified target within the shot range. A troop attacks one single target in each round. If no target is specified the nearest is attacked as default.

Q: How can I cancel an action in wars?
A: If you change your mind after you have dispatched your troops, you may click the button of callback to have your troops back. This needs coins.

Q: How do you become a VIP?
Click "Main Building" to enter, you will see a "Add VIP Time" button. You may choose different period of VIP time.

Q: How does money work? How can I get money? How is the coin related to money?
A: Money can be used to upgrade techs, buy resources, or buy treasures. You may get money by fortified occupation, selling treasures, or hunting in oases.
Coins can only be gained through purchase (1USD = 10coins). Coins can speed up upgrades, enhance production increase, and add upgrading slots, etc.

If your question is not answered in the FAQ, feel free to email us at

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